D1 Sports Training 


FRONTLINE operates an exclusive baseball-specific facility for our clients to train in during the offseason.  With the facility located just minutes away from the FRONTLINE home office in Little Rock, AR, our team of agents works hand-in-hand with the FRONTLINE "Director of Client Development" Dustin Moseley and his training staff to offer our clients the most elite and comprehensive personalized training in the industry.


Former MLB starting pitcher Dustin Moseley serves as the FRONTLINE "Director of Client Development."  He has a passion to train, instruct, and mentor elite baseball players in every aspect of the game.  Dustin's background as a former 1st round draft pick and Major Leaguer gives him invaluable insight into the careers of our professional clients.  Dustin plays a key role in our effort as a team to help our clients maximize their potential as professional athletes and as people.

Frontline also has a close-working relationship with D1 Sports Training. With 29 current locations around the country and more on the way, D1 offers state-of-the-art facilities for our clients to train in each offseason.